Apron Network
APN is introduced into Apron Network as a native token. The service provider obtains APN reward through the actual service provided. The APN holder reward algorithm introduces difficulty adjustment and rewards attenuation mechanism to stimulate the real demand and maintain the long-term stability of the system. In order to enhance the user's interest in APN and anchor the intrinsic value, the service call will charge a certain Gas fee and service usage fee. The gas fee will be automatically priced according to the network usage, while the service usage fee will be set by the service provider. After the cost is summarized, it may be destroyed to ensure the stability of APN value.
As the basic token in Apron Network, APN is introduced mainly in the following scenarios:

Service Assurance

Apron Network needs Apron pillar node and Apron Node to maintain network stability. For the Apron pillar node and Apron Node, APN is the asset that the node needs to mortgage to provide services. When the service node does evil or the service has problems, the security fund will be confiscated according to the arbitration situation. Service nodes will also receive corresponding rewards according to the pledge proportion and service duration.

Service Usage

Developers need to pay a certain service fee for their applications in the Apron service marketplace to use the services in the market.

Community Governance

Apron DAO is the governance organization of Apron Network. Only holding APN can participate in community governance on Apron Network. It supports protocol upgrade and community governance through voting.
On the side of motivating the early participants, Apron Network will implement the service reward mining mechanism, which will comprehensively award according to the dimensions of time, service quality and pledge proportion. The service provider can apply for opening the pledge channel. After opening the pledge channel, the APN holder can assist the service provider to pledge, and the APN holder can obtain the reward sharing of the service according to the proportion of pledge. The APN holder will guarantee the service provider, and the assets pledged by the APN holder will be forfeited if the service provider does something wrong.
The incentive attenuation of APN is not a radical design. In the initial stage, miners and APN holders enjoy absolute contribution input-output ratio, and at the same time, they can make more contributions to the development of the Apron Network in the future.