Apron Network
Current Works
What projects we are concerning about?
Many projects have been tried or are running in the field of the blockchain infrastructure service, contributing to both centralized and decentralized mode, on-chain data query and off-chain data on-chain.
Infura provides API services for developers by building its own Ethereum and IPFs nodes, keeping developers accessing Ethereum and IPFs node data through API services.
NOWnodes operates in a similar way to Infura, but provides more blockchain network API services. For now, it claims to have provided 45 chain API services.
Api3 constructs a public blockchain and provides Oracle Network, and governs the Network through DAO and Kleros. Api3 builds the Oracle Network by submitting Oracle to the data source provider and providing cross-blockchain aggregation data for DAPP.
BitQuery is a blockchain data engine. By aggregating the data on the blockchain, BitQuery provides the data API on the blockchain to users, and also provides simple data analysis capability and GraphQL API on the blockchain.
The Graph proposes Ethereum and IPFs on-chain service index protocol. By using SubGraph’s definition, the index information is retrieved and established in the smart contract, and GraphQL API is served for users to obtain the data information corresponding to DAPP.
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