Apron Network
Apron DAO
Apron DAO is the governance organization of Apron Network. Members of Apron DAO will be composed of participants from the Apron Network community, including not just the members of Apron labs, community developers and community contributors, also application developers, users and Apron Network asset holders. Apron DAO will make decisions on the future development plan of Apron Network, the function development progress of Apron Network, the upgrade of the Apron pillar node, and the community promotion scheme. meanwhile, there is a decentralized arbitration court in Apron DAO, which can arbitrate the problems between all parties in Apron Network and maintain the stable development of Apron Network. The founding node in Apron Network will be operated and maintained by Apron labs, and then the operation and maintenance will be delivered to the community through community governance.
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